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Here's some feedback on what people are saying about
"Running With A Covert Narcissist".

"As a licensed counselor, I found this film to be informative and needed for those who are dealing with individuals in their life that may be a covert and overt narcissist. The film explores various aspects of the narcissist and how it affects one's life especially with regard to the victim starting to question their own sanity. This is one of the hardest mental health issues to deal with and is exhausting for those having to deal with the narcissist. Will be sharing with a number of my colleagues and I'm sure they'll find it helpful in clients dealing with this important issue."

-Stephen DeFino


“Great Job! This is a subject that too often gets overlooked or not understood! Thank you James for your outstanding work!”

-Kenny Salzman

“Excellent factual non-biased documentary! This should be in every victim's tool belt to give to their divorce attorney so they can hopefully understand what the victim suffers at the hand of covert narcissists in their lives and the horrific damage it causes.”

-Martha Reichhold

"I found the film to be incredibly interesting and informative. The real life scenarios did a great job of illustrating exactly how covert narcissists operate, and the therapists explanations provided valuable insight. I especially appreciated the distinction they made between "displaying narcissistic behavior" and "being a narcissist." I've shared the film with victims of covert narcissism, and they've felt very validated by watching it. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who has a covert narcissist in their life or who has an interest in learning more. Thank you, James, for creating this powerful film!"

-Jenn Gruber

"Wow, this is so practical and real...I've worked in mental health for 30 years. These little snippets of actors that millions of people have experienced quickly followed up by a trained therapist really make all this consumable for everyone. Finally...I've studied NPD, BPD, trained years ago in DBT therapy by Marcia Linehan. This is it, it's a developmental accident that cannot be changed."

-David Moulton

"Thanks so much for this. I was married to a covert narcissist for almost 10 years. I don’t know how I found my way out of the maze but material like this will absolutely get people out.”

-Alexander P.


“This was absolutely amazing to watch. As a survivor of narcissistic abuse, short term (thank God) but life altering, I thoroughly enjoyed watching. Thank you to everyone involved in this production and might I add upon watching, it was a very healing experience for me.”

-Caroline Flynn

"I thought the movie was both refreshing and disturbing -- and I think it was intended to be both. Thanks, James, for bringing this serious issue to the forefront. We often don't plan to interact with a covert narcissist, and it takes people by surprise when it initially happens. Sometimes the actions are unclear, but at some point, it is imperative to be assertive and not enable/allow a narcissist to negatively influence your life. Having a moral compass helps; practicing ways to alleviate/eliminate the behavior can help as well. Everyone should see this movie to understand some of the ways narcissists behave, and think about positive ways to prevent narcissists from governing your own life and tools to move forward in a healthy environment."

-Holly Schotz

“This is a thoughtful and creative documentary. I learned a great deal watching it.”

-Jayme Sokolow

"I thought the film was excellent from start to finish. I learned so much about this personality disorder. A brilliant reference and guide for any of their victims. I was raised by an overt narcissist. She was cruel and vindictive and blamed everything on us children. I was the oldest so naturally got the lion’s share of blame. I grew up and married a covert narcissist. At the age of 38, I left my husband and met and married my sweetheart, a sweet and humble man. At 44, after watching my mother’s cruelty to my sweetheart, and with the help of a counselor, we walked, no ran, away from my mother. She started a smear campaign against us — she alleged we had stolen from her. The family believed her, especially my ex. He started his own smear campaign against us. The family sided with them. My sweetheart and I made our own family with a child and valued friends. We have never looked back and we have been so wonderfully happy. We are in our 70’s now. And we are happy, and we are still madly in love. Triumph over people with NPD is possible, and much easier once we recognize them."


"I re-watched this documentary about covert narcissism, and I have to say that it was a really eye-opening experience. The film did an excellent job of exploring the concept of covert narcissism and how it can manifest in relationships, both personal and professional. One thing that I particularly appreciated about the documentary was the way it featured a number of real-life stories from people who had experienced the manipulations and emotional abuse of a covert narcissist. These firsthand accounts really helped to bring the concept to life and gave a deeper understanding of the impact that this personality type can have on others. I also appreciated the way the film delved into the psychology behind covert narcissism and provided insights into the motivations and thought patterns of this personality type. This helped to provide a more rounded understanding of the topic and gave me a greater appreciation for the complexity of the issue. Overall, I would highly recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in learning more about covert narcissism or who has experienced the manipulations of this personality type. It's a thought-provoking and informative film that provides valuable insights and strategies for dealing with a covert narcissist."

-Tom Frampton

“At the age of forty, I'm still recovering from a narcissistic father who gaslit me since I was a child.  Once you grow up being gaslit, you don't heal from that trauma easily. In fact you can be attracted to partners who have narcissistic traits, unfortunately. It is hard to break out of that. It gets stuck with you.  I thought the film was very, very precise. It resonated completely with me as it was a great documentary film and found it to be quite useful.”


"This was a fantastic documentary! I was a victim of this type of narcissist and it has been a really challenging recovery process but it is helping me develop a program to help others regain their self-confidence and self-worth, regulating their nervous system and also navigating the process of grieving something that was never real."


"I was searching for a movie that depicts covert narcissism in a realistic way but I haven't found one until I watched James Bonato's film. The examples were on point. Sometimes it is very subtle abuse or consistent low grade daily stress. Outsiders typically cannot understand the problem. As victims we think we are going crazy or being too sensitive or that it's not a big deal and in the meantime we feel stuck in the situation. When we doubt them, they start love bombing again and reinforce our beliefs that they are kind and caring. It becomes a never ending loop of abuse. I was married for 21 years to a covert narcissist before finally having enough sense to leave. The smear campaign started shortly afterwards. Somehow she was also able to convince our children that they should not talk to me anymore. My first visit with my children had the police waiting and I was arrested for alleged physical abuse. Now I'm fighting that in court. Even if it is all lies, somehow the courts act like you are guilty until proven innocent. Meanwhile I feel like my 4 children are emotionally abused but I feel powerless to help them."



"James Bonato, I just watched your film in its entirety. Really gives a glimpse into what you went through, to motivate you to do this. An excellent film and well presented. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to this reality in our world and our lives. Thank you for your courage and vulnerability. Thank you."

-Gustav von Wiebe

"Fantastic! Loved it! I have a family member who is in a relationship with a narcissist so I have shared this video with them. I'm hopeful it will open their eyes a little more. I am happy to know there's is a name for a person with this sort of behavior."

-Drew M.

"I met James a few years back and have had the pleasure of viewing a few of his movies and wedding videos. The common denominator, regardless of the content is the sincerity felt. James makes every effort to capture the deep emotion and is successful. Really fabulous job James!!!!"

-Elizabeth Chomas

"Everything your movie says is highly educating and inspiring. I appreciate the focus on hope in the end.
I appreciate many other aspects as well.
You must be a very resourceful person for creating such a unique movie. I felt that my experiences were given a respectful voice.
Thank you for sharing this. There are ways to work around the abuse. I'll remind myself often. I like that.  As a researcher I hope to someday have the courage to join you in the effort to open more eyes to the dynamics of covert narcissistic abuse. I would be happy to use my name and authority from my work life to promote the awareness.  I thank you deeply for showing such a strong example of how it can be done. Bravo!

-Helene Honoré

“Watched with curiosity James! Thank you for opening new windows in every individual subject by making a documentary. It is so nice to be on the learning path with you.”

-Deniz Illeez

"The film is just terrific! It brought a very important issue to light that many people may be unaware of. Once again, you dealt with a compelling human condition with professionalism."

-Linda Baumler

"I think almost everyone has dealt with a narcissist before, probably many of them. This film helps in so many ways including in knowing you are not imagining it and not alone, in understanding the narcissist better and how it may be a coping technique, and in helping to heal. Thank you!

-Rebecca Regnery

"Great job telling multiple stories in the film! Enjoyed the insight from professionals about this condition."

-David S.

"Being an actor on this film was an amazing experience. James was super professional and fun to work with. Having now been able to see the entire film, I can honestly say that I learned a lot and feel as though I can incorporate what I learned into dealing with certain friends and family members. The other performances were powerful and I really believe this film will help many as they deal with covert narcissism."

-Chris Konke

"As I watched the film, I kept making analogies to situations in my own life. Showing three different perspectives of narcissistic behaviour along with the professional input, is very eye opening. Good work James!"

-Daphne Wheeler

"Very educational, the stories really keep you engaged."


"Congratulations on the Movie Documentary. What a great, informative, educational and valuable piece. Much needed for everyone to watch and get awareness. I truly learned so much."

-Nasrin Rahsidi

"Well made and disturbing about a problem I did not even know existed before I saw this film. What really struck me about this film was how well it explained the behavior of some people I've known."

-Phil Craig

"I finally got an opportunity to view your film.  It's good especially if your intended audience is therapists.  A suggestion would be to describe how Narcissism differs from the other Cluster B personality disorders.  Also, recent research notes a genetic component to personality disorders in addition to childhood trauma."

-Kristin Sweeney

"I just wanted to share with you that I spoke this morning with the adult daughter from my first marriage. She is coming to believe, finally, that her father (my ex) is a covert narcissist. I told her all about your film, and I forwarded its link to her. She is such a lovely person. I hate seeing her father hurt her so. I know your film will help her understand the big picture—and possibly alleviate the hurt he causes her. It’s one thing hearing the truth from her mother…she needs to hear it from the experts. Thank you so much for providing this resource, reference guide and education for all the victims of narcissists."

-S. Devitt

"This film brought a much needed light to the world of victims who have experienced narcissistic attacks. I really appreciated the insights from the professionals who interviewed for this film."

-Kelly Warren

"Well done. Educational and enlightening. A subject I never really thought about. Thank you."

-Patricia Dubroof

“Unfortunately, I have encountered the effects of a C.N. and it's amazing how effective their tactics can be, as well as that of influencing others in their orbit to go along with them since they're such good liars. Watching this film helps one to not feel alone and misunderstood since there is hope to detach from these emotional vampires.”

-Kim Murray

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