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Covert narcissists are charming on the exterior. But they are highly toxic to any kind of relationship.  They do not have the “grandiose” attributes that overt narcissists have and are therefore hard to spot.


If you suspect you might have a covert narcissist in your life and have had your world turned upside down, this film and website is for you.  It will help aid you in transforming from victim to survivor, for you are not alone.




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Care to visit the websites of the therapists who participated in this film? Click on their names below to go to their websites.

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You can order this fabulous workbook which many victims and survivors of covert narcissism have utilized to help heal.  There is an abundance of material at your fingertips here.  Click on the image of the book to order it through Amazon.


Janine Fulla is an Empowerment & Trauma Recovery Coach treating Narcissistic Abuse. As a survivor herself from both a family narcissist and ex-partner, Janine will help you recover,

find peace, and love your life. Narcissistic Abuse can leave you feeling broken and confused long after the toxic relationship has ended. It’s time to break the bonds, claim your freedom, and start living on your own terms.

Discover more on her website:                 (

and schedule your complimentary call.




Here are a few YouTube videos by professional therapists who also specialize in Covert Narcissism.  Click on the pictures below to watch their videos:

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Do you believe yourself to be an Empath? Click below.

Are you divorcing a narcissist?
Click below.

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Do you feel you are a victim of gaslighting? Click below.

Why is a narcissist targeting you?
Click below.

If you've seen the film, you certainly understand the reference to the link below. Click on it to read about how she dealt with her covert narcissist on a literary level:

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